Anglican Christian Rosary, Swarovski Pearls, Olive Wood Cross


A beautiful Christian rosary made with white & gold Swarovski® pearls, a faceted blue crystal bead and a simple olive wood crucifix. Lovely for personal prayer or for gifting - or for a Christian wedding (beautiful draped in the bride's bouquet).

I've chosen 8mm round white Swarovski® pearls for the prayer beads in the rosary, the finest crystal pearls on the market today. The cruciform beads are 10mm gold Swarovski pearls, separated with little white opal crystals for ease of handling - and to add a touch of sparkle. The invitatory bead at the front is an invitation to prayer, and is sapphire Czech crystal.

All the pearls are hand-linked with silver rosary wire, and the larger beads are wire-wrapped to give that unique handmade look to the rosary. A simple classic wood crucifix completes the rosary.

Length: approx 41cm (16 inches) from center back to end of the cross.
Cross: 3cm x 2.25cm (1.2" x 0.9").

If you want to wear this rosary as a necklace, please contact me as the loop is too small to go over the head. I can add a clasp or lengthen the rosary on request.

The Anglican rosary is made up of thirty-three beads representing the years of Christ's life, divided into four groups of seven called weeks. Between each week is a single bead called a cruciform bead. The 33rd bead is the invitatory bead, a place to begin the prayer time and the cross completes the set.

The rosary comes in a handmade (by me) lined cotton pouch to keep it in. A pamphlet about the Anglican rosary is included.

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