Anglican Chaplet, Pocket Rosary Prayer Beads


This set of prayer beads based on the layout of the Anglican rosary is about one-quarter of the full-size Christian rosary. These shorter sets of prayer beads are popular for people on the move as they are easy to carry with you & are a popular aid to meditative prayer. Suitable for Anglican, Episcopalian & Protestant users among other Christian denominations.

Made with lovely Czech art glass beads in the colours of earth & sky, the rosary features an ornate bronze cross. There are 7 beads in the loop, being one week of the full rosary. At the beginning of the set there is the bronze cross, an invitatory bead and a cruciform bead.

The beads are separately linked with gold-plated chain, and the 2 front beads have tiny crystals either side to give a touch of sparkle.

Length: 23cm / 9 inches.
Beads: 8mm & 10mm blue goldstone.
Cross: 4.5cm / 1.8 inches tall.
Disc: 2.5cm / 1 inch across.

This pocket rosary is well-made and easy to slip into a pocket or keep on the bedside table. It comes with a pamphlet about the Anglican rosary and some suggested ways to start using these beads in your prayer life.

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