Amethyst Renaissance Necklace, Golden Bronze Cross


A beautiful amethyst gemstone evoking the sumptuous religious jewellery of the Renaissance era. The necklace features an elaborate solid bronze cross finished with 12k gold plating, which has been reproduced from an old original piece.

The necklace is fully beaded with a pattern of amethyst and bronze beads, with slender glass beads at that clasp so the necklace sits comfortably against your neck. The lovely cross hangs as a pendant at the front, and the closure is a bronze toggle clasp.

The cross is double-sided and has a nice weight - quite a solid piece measuring nearly 3cm tall. In the Renaissance period many different styles of crosses were made for use in jewellery, usually decorative versions of a recognised style of cross.

This cross appears to be based on the style known as a Patonce cross, where the 4 equal-length arms are shaped like petals at the end. This cross has 2 petals on each arm, holding a round globe, and compass points between them. These symbols represent the Trinity and make a total of 12 standing for the Apostles who spread the Good News to all known points of the compass.

The necklace measures 52cm (20.5 inches) end-to-end when laid flat. The pendant drops approximately 3cm from the necklace.

A gorgeous necklace full of meaning for your personal delight, which would make a unique gift for another.

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