12 Step Recovery Rosary, Sobriety Anniversary Gift


A recovery rosary suitable for men or women made with blue lapis & hematite beads and symbols related to sober living. This rosary can be used in prayer or meditation by members of 12 Step Recovery programs and fellowships, and comes with an explanatory pamphlet.

The loop of beads has 12 glossy black hematite beads, 1 for each Step in the recovery program, set out in 3 groups of 4 beads separated by larger hematite twist beads. A Unity symbol of recovery joins the loop. In the front are two gorgeous blue lapis handcut nuggets.

Hematite: strengthening, vitalizing, calming;
Lapis: awareness & wisdom, integrity and goodwill.

You can use any prayers, affirmations or mantras of your own choosing with these beads, or use them to recite & meditate on the meaning of each Step of the recovery program in your personal journey. The larger beads can be used (for example) as pause beads - a place to reflect on the meaning you assigned to the previous 4 beads on your way around the loop.

The rosary has symbols relevant to recovery at the beginning. They are

* a steel disc stamped with the words "It's a beautiful day to be sober;

* 3 cotton tassels, black gray & white, which represent the stages of recovery, moving from the darkness of the old life, through gray as new ways of living begin, to white representing the enlightenment that comes with clean & sober living.

Designed as a hand-held aid to prayer and meditation, use of them helps to engage both mind & body in a focused way and to quieten the mind. Many people find that simply keeping their beads handy where they can be easily fingered helps relieve stress in challenging situations.

Length: 32cm / 12.5 inches;
Beads: 8mm & 12mm hematite, 15mm lapis nuggets.

A great set of 12 Step beads for men or women. They flow well through the fingers and are well-made for years of use. They come in attractive packaging along with a card that has some ideas for how to start using them.

Recovery Prayer & Meditation Beads



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