12 Step Recovery Prayer Beads, One Day At A Time, AA & Labyrinth Symbols


12 Step Recovery beads are a great way to clear the head and get actively involved in your meditation or prayer time. Held in the hands and used to keep track of prayers, repeat affirmations or meditations, recite the Steps ... whatever use is in line with your own spiritual practice, they help to quiet mental "chatter".

Many people find that simply fingering their beads can be calming, so keep them handy in a pocket or purse.

This set is made with 12 mixed gemstone beads, one for each of the 12 Steps in the Recovery program. There's an extra heart-shaped Celtic bead after the 3rd Step bead for those who like to emphasize the importance of the first 3 Steps - it makes it easier to locate those beads by touch.

The set is made in a straight line, with a gold steel medal at one end engraved with the words "One Day At A Time", and a labyrinth pendant at the other.

Labyrinths are ancient symbols found in many cultures around the world, dating back over 3,500 years. They represent wholeness, combining images of the circle and spiral into a single winding pathway that leads into the center. For many the labyrinth symbolizes the journey of life itself, and is a gentle reminder to take one step at a time.

Length: 28.5cm /11.25 inches;
Medallion: 2.5cm / 1 inch tall.

The beads make a great sobriety gift to celebrate a milestone in recovery, for a sponsor, or for your own personal use. They come with a pamphlet explaining their purpose and ways of using them along with the full version of the Serenity prayer.

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