12 Step Recovery Beads for Meditation, Sobriety Gift, Labyrinth & Cross Charms


12 Step recovery meditation beads are designed to be held in the hands during prayer or meditation to help quieten the mind.

Many members of Recovery programs find them useful for Step 11; others find keeping them in a pocket or purse where they be easily handled helps bring calm in challenging situations. They come with a pamphlet explaining a bit about how to use them.

This set has 12 beads, 1 for each Step of the program. The first 3 beads are blue imperial jasper, followed by a wee Celtic knot bead. After that are another 9 turquoise mosaic stone beads. I've put the Celtic bead after the 3rd Step bead for those who like to emphasize the importance of those first Steps, and also so they can be easily found by touch.

The origin of the endless Celtic knot design is lost in the mists of time now, but one meaning is that it shows us how our spiritual and physical lives cross each other every day.

At one end of the strand is a labyrinth emblem, an ancient symbol dating back over 3,500 years. They represent wholeness, combining images of the circle & spiral into a single pathway that leads into the center. For many the labyrinth symbolizes the journey of life itself & is a gentle reminder to take one step at a time.

At the other end is a turquoise cross in a brass teardrop frame. The teardrop shape is a reminder of the many tears shed on the path to recovery, & the enclosed cross is a symbol of the faith that conquers fear and sorrow.

Length: 28cm / 11 inches;
Labyrinth: 2.5cm across / 1 inch.

These prayer beads come attractively packaged to treat you - or so they are ready for you to treat someone else. The information card is included.

12 Step Recovery Collection



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