12 Step Prayer & Meditation Beads - Sobriety Anniversary Gift,


12 Step Recovery meditation beads are designed to be held in the hands to help focus the mind on your prayer or meditation purpose. As you run them through your fingers to count breaths, affirmations, prayers or mantras you are involving both mind & body, which can help to quieten mental "chatter" so you move into a quiet space more easily.

I've made this set with a mix 8mm round natural gemstone beads, individually linked with silver art wire. There are 12 beads, one for each Step in the program.

There is an extra Celtic bead after the 3rd Step, placed there as a place to pause and reflect on the importance of the first 3 Steps of the recovery program. The meaning of the endless Celtic knot design is now lost in time, but one thing it shows us is that our spiritual and physical lives are intertwined.

At one end of the strand are mindfulness charms, which can be used as a prompt for meditation, mantras or prayers. There is a ring stamped with the word "strength" & a pewter feather, a symbol of courage and a reminder to walk your path lightly. A yin-yang symbol represents balance, and the Unity symbol of a triangle inside a circle is the symbol of Recovery.

Length: 25.5cm;
Silver pewter ring: 2.5cm across;
Feather: 2.5cm;
Beads: 8mm round.

The beads come with a pamphlet explaining about them, with some suggested ways to start using them. You can use the beads to count affirmations, mantras or prayers, to recite the 12 steps, or assign a personal meaning to each bead that is in accordance with your own spiritual path.

This set is well-made for regular personal use, and they would make a thoughtful gift for someone in Recovery or to mark a special Recovery anniversary.

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