Our Story

Beautiful rosaries, handmade in New Zealand just for you.

Kia Ora - welcome from New Zealand and from me, Deborah, and my sister Kati. Here you will find traditional Catholic rosaries and chaplets, rosary bracelets for adults and children, and rosaries for special occasions such as baptism, first communion, confirmation and weddings - all the work of our hands, made just so they can pass to yours.

There is a quote by Mother Teresa that I love and that I find really inspiring. This is what she said about the times we live in: “Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.”

And so I began. I make rosaries because I think they are beautiful. I love everything about them - choosing the beads, designing the way they will sit together, expressing an aspect of faith through linking each separate bead into the strand .... the satisfaction of running them through my fingers to make sure they are nice to hold, right through to photographing and listing them in my shop as I think about them going to a new home. Out of my love of this process and my growing awareness of the role prayer beads have had throughout history, came my decision to start this home-based business.

16 years have passed and my enthusiasm for the way strands of beads help involve both the mind and the body in prayer has continued to grow. My sister Kati joined me a few years ago and we love to work together, each bringing a different perspective on design and combining our technical skills to bring the best of both into our work. There have been jewellers in my family for many generations, & I have found my place in our family history through making the rosaries and jewellery reflecting faith that you see in my shop.

I live in Auckland which is the largest city in New Zealand.  The beaches are not far away, and you will often see ocean themes in my work too as I am a frequent visitor there.

Kati and I have made all the rosaries and jewellery you see here in my shop. We hope by sharing our work we can provide prayer beads which will become companions on your daily walk and add to your spiritual journey. We believe that if we all honor God in our own ways, together we will create something beautiful.




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