St Agnes Rosary Bracelet, Patron Saint Bracelet


Saint Agnes rosary bracelet, made with white Swarovski® pearls and featuring a silver pewter medal of St Agnes, the patron saint of chastity, girls, engaged couples, rape victims, virgins - and gardeners.

Agnes of Rome is a virgin–martyr, venerated as a saint in the Roman Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodox Church, the Anglican Communion, and Lutheranism. She  was only 13 years old when she suffered martyrdom, put to death for her steadfast faith.

I've made this bracelet with 8mm round white crystal pearls, each linked by hand with silver rosary wire which gives the bracelet nice drape around the wrist. The 10 pearls represent one decade of the full rosary - a mini rosary for your wrist. There is a larger Our Father pearl which is finished with silver end caps and white opal Swarovski crystals for a touch of sparkle.

Between the pearls hangs a small white-tipped crucifix, and the medal of Saint Agnes with the words Pray For Us on the reverse. A single letter charm hangs alongside to personalize the bracelet - you can choose the letter you would like from the drop down selection box.

You can see more Saint Agnes items here: St Agnes Collection.

Bracelet length and wrist size are not the same measurement. To find your bracelet length, measure your wrist just above the wristbone where you would wear a watch and ADD 1 inch (2.5cm) for a relaxed fit.

You can choose the length bracelet you prefer from the drop-down menu.

This pretty rosary bracelet comes attractively wrapped in a small gift box to complete the treat.


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