Sacred Heart Rosary, Black Agate Catholic Rosary


A handsome 5-decade Catholic rosary made with natural black banded agate beads and a colour center showing the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The linked construction ensures the rosary flows smoothly in use, and it is well-made for years of prayer.

The 5 decades of hail Mary beads are 8mm round black banded agate with layers of brown, grey & cream in black agate. The Our Father beads are larger at 10mm round & are solid black. I've finished these larger beads with silver end caps, tiny sparkling Swarovski crystals and wire-wrapping to give that unique handmade look.

The center medal shows the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and is the same on both sides. The pewter crucifix is a traditional pierced filigree style.

Length when hanging: 54cm / 21.25 inches;
Beads: 8mm & 10mm agate;
Crucifix: 5cm / 2 inches tall.

A lovely rosary for personal use which feels cool and smooth in the hands. It comes in a handmade (by me) textile pouch to keep it in.

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