Natural Tree Agate Gemstone Bead Rosary, Mary & Angels Center


Perfect for a Catholic who appreciates the natural world, this handmade rosary is made with tree agate beads surrounding a center medal of Mary with Angels.

The Hail Mary beads are 8mm round and the Our Father prayer beads are 10mm round. All the beads are separately linked by hand so that the rosary flows nicely through your hands. The center medal shows the Virgin Mary with Angels on each side, and has a small image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus on the back. The crucifix is a traditional pierced filigree style, sturdy with a slim profile.

Tree agate gets its name from its appearance which is like light falling through leaves of a forest. Within the white background stone you can see traces of the vegetation and minerals that formed the agate over centuries, and every bead is a wee work of nature's art.

Agate is a naturally hard and durable stone that has been used for centuries for jewelry, utensils and prayer beads - it is even mentioned in the Bible - and this rosary will be treasured by either men or women.

Length from center back to end of cross: 53cm / 21 inches;
Crucifix: 3.75cm / 1.5 inches tall;
Beads: 8mm & 10mm round tree agate.

This rosary is well made for years of prayerful use, and feels cool and smooth to use. It comes in a handmade rosary pouch to store it in and will be attractively wrapped.

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