Jasper Rosary, Handmade with Bronze Crucifix


For this handmade Catholic rosary I've chosen natural jasper, a stone that appeals to both men and women. The traditional bronze Immaculate Heart of Mary center and radiant crucifix give the rosary a timeless, heirloom look.

The rosary is made with 8mm round jasper beads for the 5 decades of Hail Marys, and 10mm beads for the Our Father prayer beads. Each bead has been hand-linked with brass rosary wire which means it will flow smoothly through your hands as you pray the rosary. The larger beads are wire-wrapped for extra strength where needed most - this rosary will last for many years of prayer.

The center medal and crucifix are both cast in bronze and finished with a sealant to inhibit tarnishing so they look their best. The medal shows the Immaculate Heart of Mary & has the words "Immaculate Heat of Mary Pray For Us" on the back.

The crucifix is a traditional style with lily-shaped ends on the arms and a burst of light behind the figure of Christ, so it is known as a "radiant cross".

Jasper is an ideal stone for a rosary as it is hard and durable - as well as being a reminder of the earth's bountiful provisions. Jasper has been used for centuries for all kinds of things from household utensils to jewelry to prayer beads, and is even mentioned in the Bible.

Length when hanging: 55cm / 21.7 inches
Center medal: 2cm / 0.8 inch
Crucifix: 3.75cm tall / 1.5 inches

A great rosary for personal use which feels smooth and cool in the hands. It would make a thoughtful gift, and comes in a handmade cotton rosary pouch to keep it in.

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