Niner Rosary, Agate Beads, Christian Devotion Prayer Beads


A very modern adaptation of the paternoster prayer beads popular during medieval and renaissance times. Like small rosaries from that era, this set is made with larger beads than are used in modern versions, which makes them popular with those who prefer a larger bead when praying the rosary.

I've used 10mm round agate beads for the 9 prayer beads, with a lovely mix of shades of brown criss-crossed with black matrix and a matte finish. Small glass beads separate the beads for ease of handling.

The large bead, called a "gaud" back then, is a dark brown agate which has been cut to reveal a layer of grey around the middle. The rosary is strung on black cotton cord in the traditional way.

At one end is a dark wood crucifix in an aluminum frame and at the other end is a line from the well-known hymn All Is Well With My Soul in a wood pendant.

Paternoster literally means "Our Father" in Latin. As the prayers used with small rosary beads back then was commonly the Lord's Prayer (the Our Father prayer), the strands themselves became known as paternosters. Each recitation of the Our Father prayer on each bead offers an opportunity to raise the soul heavenwards.

Overall length: 30cm / 11.75 inches;
Cross: 4.5cm / 1.8 inches tall;
Pendant: 3.5cm / 1.4 inches across;
Beads: 10mm round agate, 18mm agate gaud.

In the Middle Ages paternosters often had medals, pendants, personal mementos of all sorts attached. The pendant and quote in this small rosary updates one of the most durable of prayer bead styles for today's faithful.

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