Memento Mori Pater Noster Beads - Middle Ages Style


Paternosters are the forerunner of today's rosary beads, used extensively throughout the Middle Ages. The beads were used to count the number of times the Lord's Prayer (known as the Our Father prayer) was said - Pater Noster is Latin for Our Father.

This set brings design details of historic paternosters to life again, using modern materials & techniques. Made with handcut agate beads beads and marble memento mori beads, this set is strung on wool & features a long silky black tassel.

There are 10 Ave beads - 5 on each side. The beads slide freely along the length of cord. In the middle of the decade are 5 marble skull beads known as memento mori which translates as "Remember you must die."  An information card about memento mori is included.

Overall length: 28cm / 11 inches;
Tassel & cap: 10cm / 4 inches long.

This small set of prayer beads has a nice substantial feel. It comes in the handmade pouch shown in the images and will be attractively packaged.


The style of this set is like those worn by men in the middle to upper classes of society to show their piety & status. In the Middle Ages, the beads used were often quite large in comparisons to the typical rosary today.

The design was inspired by this image of a group of 3 medieval era men chatting. One of them casually holds his paternoster as was quite normal in those times.




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