Medieval Paternoster Rosary, Large Agate Beads - Historical Reenactment Accessory


Medieval style paternoster rosary with large agate beads, made in the style that would be worn on the arm as a sort of loose bracelet for everyday wear. The hand-shaped metal heart center and Sacred Heart cross add to the rustic appeal of these prayer beads.

This set is made with banded agate beads, each about 18mm across, strung on thick linen cord. Between the Ave beads are smaller glass trade beads and knots which separate and make it easier to handle the beads for counting. The most commonly used prayer was the Our Father (Pater Noster) or Lord's Prayer, and so the set of beads themselves because known as paternosters.

It was common for Middle Ages prayer beads to be quite large, and prominently worn or carried in normal day-today activities. As well as their obvious use in counting prayers, a paternoster was a visible sign of social standing and had many other uses in daily life. They were used like an abacus for counting, and even for timing cooking by a number of prayers (boil for 14 Aves).

The loop of Ave beads meets at a black forged heart which ties in with the meaning of the Sacred Heart cross that completes the set. Between these two emblems is the gaud bead - today we call this front bead the Pater or Our Father bead.

Length: 23cm / 9.25 inches;
Cross: 3cm / 1.25 inches tall.

This is a sturdy paternoster which is made to last for years of prayer. It is a great piece for accessorizing a medieval or renaissance costume for reenactment, ren faires, etc.

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