Man's Rosary 3 Decades, Pewter "Nails" Crucifix, Large Jasper & Agate Gemstone Beads


This impressive rosary is made with larger beads than usual, while still being made to flow smoothly through the hands when being used in prayer. With 12mm round black agate and jasper gemstone beads, this rosary is well-constructed for rugged hands, making it a great choice for a man's rosary. The size of the beads also makes it suitable for use as a wall rosary or for a special presentation.

Black agate and jasper are both a natural gemstone material, mined from the ground for centuries for using in weapons, household utensils and personal decoration. They are even mentioned in the Bible.

The black agate beads in this rosary have been polished to a glossy finish while the jasper beads have a sating semi-matte finish. All the beads are hand-linked with silver rosary wire, and the agate beads are finished with bead caps and wire-wrapping.

The center medal shows the Virgin Mary and has the words "Immaculate Heart of Mary Pray For Us" on the back and is made in Italy - as is the crucifix. The crucifix is large - 6cm (2.4 inches) tall, and is designed to look like it is constructed from 3 symbolic nails bound together in the shape of a cross. A crown of thorns embellishes the cross behind the figure of Christ.

Length when hanging: 48cm / 19 inches
Center medal: 2.5cm / 1 inch
Crucifix: 6cm / 2.4 inches tall.

A meaningful rosary for personal use, which would make a thoughtful gift or addition to a collection. It comes attractively packaged with a handmade rosary pouch to store it in.

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