Hematite & Brass St Benedict Rosary


This attractive black hematite Saint Benedict rosary is suitable for men, women or children, and is well-made for many years of prayer. The smaller size of this rosary makes it a great choice for a younger person, or an adult who prefers a compact rosary.

I've used smaller 6mm round glossy black hematite beads for the Hail Mary beads, each separately hand-linked with brass rosary wire. The Our Father beads are oval hematite beads which are wire-wrapped them to give extra strength where needed and to give that unique handmade look to the rosary.

The rosary has a traditional Saint Benedict medal center, cast in brass and given an antiqued finish. The medal shows Saint Benedict on one side and his ward (prayer of protection) on the other side. The crucifix is a traditional style with lily-shaped ends to the arms.

The 3-points of the lily shape are commonly believed to have two meanings - the first is that they represent the 3-fold nature of God - God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. The second meaning is that the total of 12 points represents the 12 Apostles who went out and carried the Good News to the world.

Length from mid-back to end of crucifix: 48cm (18.9 inches)
Center medal: 2cm (0.8 inch)
Crucifix: 3.75cm (1.5 inches)

This rosary has a cool, smooth feel through the hands and is reasonably small and compact as the beads are slightly smaller than my full-sized gemstone rosaries. It comes attractively wrapped in a handmade (by me) lined cotton pouch to keep it in.


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