Irish Penal Crucifix, 5cm


Silver pewter cross known as the Irish Penal Crucifix. This well-known crucifix has symbolic markings on the front and back which represent the crucifixion, including nails used to crucify Christ, the spear that pierced his side, the ropes used to bind him, the cock that crowed after Peter had denied Jesus 3 times, and the pot into which Judas had dipped bread with Jesus before betraying him.

The Irish Penal Crucifix has shorter arms than usual so that it could be hidden up a sleeve or in a closed fist so that the devout could more easily carry it with them undetected during the ‘Penal Times’ in Ireland when celebrating the mass was outlawed.

Made from nickle & lead free pewter metal in Italy, with very nice detail front and back.

Measurements: Approx 2.25cm wide x 5cm tall (excluding loop)

It comes with a silver split ring through the loop on top so it is ready for hanging or attaching, along with a small card explaining a bit about the cross.

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