St Francis Chaplet Bracelet, Wearable Prayer Beads


Saint Francis of Assisi bracelet made in the form of a niner chaplet for wearing on your wrist. Combines faith and fashion, and you have a small set of rosary beads with you for those quiet moments in a busy day.

This stretch bracelet is made with a mix of natural gemstone beads and is stretchy for easy on-off wearing. There are 3 groups of 3 8mm round gemstone beads which form the chaplet, separated with smaller gemstone and silver pewter beads. At the front hangs a small silhouette medal of St Francis with his wolf, and a wee Good Shepherd cross.

The Good Shepherd cross shows Jesus in the center surrounded by His flock. This is the style of cross chosen by Pope Francis for everyday wear.

Available in a range of sizes, the exact layout of smaller beads will depend on the size you order. Measure your wrist where you want the bracelet to sit and order that size for a snug fit, or the next size up for a looser fit. Choose the size you want from the drop-down options box before checkout.

The bracelet comes attractively packaged along with a card of the traditional niner chaplet prayers.

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