Baby Bracelet, Swarovski Pearls, Gold Cross


Choose your preferred pearl color.

A tiny Swarovski pearl bracelet for a precious baby - so cute! Perfect as a gift from a Godmother, Godfather or family member for a baptism or naming ceremony, this wee bracelet will become a treasured keepsake of a special day.

I've used 6mm round Swarovski pearls for the bracelet, with a single 8mm pearl in the middle.Shown here in light blue and white, you can choose the color you want from the drop-down options before checkout.

A little gold plated cross hangs on one side of the larger pearl, and on the other side is a cluster of 3 sparkling crystals which represent the Holy Trinity of God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

This design is only available in small sizes for babies. You can see other bracelets suitable for older children in this collection: Children's Rosary Bracelets

To find the best size for baby, measure the wrist and ADD 2cm to that measurement (a bit less than 1 inch). That is the length you need for a comfortable fit and to be able to do the bracelet up.

Choose the length bracelet from the drop-down options. You can also choose to have a short gold-plated growth/extension chain added at the clasp for no extra cost.

"Average" bracelet lengths:

0-12 months:  12cm  / 4.75 inches
13-24 months:  13cm / 5 inches
2-3 years:  14cm / 5.5 inches

This lovely wee bracelet comes attractively packaged to complete the treat.

Your can see Baptism gift ideas here: Baptism Collection




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