Sobriety Prayer & Meditation Beads, Mindfulness Beads for Recovery


These recovery beads have been designed as an aid to prayer and meditation for people who are member of 12 Step recovery programs or fellowships. Many people find them useful to help focus and clear the mind during meditation, or for the practice of the 11th step.

I've used 8mm round black jade beads for this set, 12 beads in all which is one bead for each step of the Program. There is a pewter cube bead after the 3rd Step bead, so you can find the first 3 step beads by touch in your pocket. Keeping your bead in a pocket where you can touch them can help bring calm in challenging situations.

Black jade: serenity, balance, good luck.

At one end of the strand are 3 charms drawn from the Serenity Prayer - a dragonfly for serenity, a feather for courage and an owl for wisdom. These charms hang from a silver pewter Unity symbol of recovery.

At the other end of the strand is a yin-yang symbol which represents the nature of change, balanced as two halves of a whole. A natural amethyst crystal hangs there too.

Amethyst: spiritual peace, protection, harmony in transformation stages of life.

Length: 28.5cm / 11.25 inches
Amethyst: 3.25cm / 1.2 inches

These prayer & meditation beads are suitable for men or women, and would make a thoughtful gift for anyone in recovery. They come with a pamphlet explaining a bit about prayer beads and some suggested ways of using them, and will be attractively packaged.

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