June 29th - Saints Feast Day for Peter and Paul June 5, 2017 16:14

June 29th every year is the Feast Day for Saint Peter and Saint Paul.

Peter and Paul were martyred in Rome under the Emperor Nero in the year 67.  Peter was crucified head down at his own request. Paul was a Roman citizen and, therefore, could not be crucified according to Roman law and so he was beheaded. The Church unites them in a common celebration on June 29th and gives them identical honor.

Saints Peter and Paul


Thinking about this pair of mighty men always draws me to my workbench, and so with them in mind, I have created this little rosary in their honor. It comes with prayers to use with it, and you can of course substitute your own prayers as well.

Chaplet of Saints Peter & Paul

Chaplet of Saints Peter & Paul

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