A Rosary Pouch for My Handmade Rosaries January 23, 2022 07:00

I love this part of my job ... who would think being a rosary maker means I can get out my sewing machine?!

Making rosary pouches

Here I am making the complimentary rosary pouches that go with all my full-size rosaries. There are many things happening in my workroom to make sure the pieces you buy from me are "special" and meaningful for you.

One of the things I like to do is create a little lined rosary pouch to go with each full-size rosary or paternoster. If you are gifting the rosary, the pouch is a nice finishing touch for when you present your gift.

Paternoster pouch

You can store your own rosary in it when not you're not using it, and they are very handy for carrying your rosary when you are on the move so the beads don't get damaged. They slide easily into a pocket, purse or backpack.

All rosaries made with natural gemstone beads - like many of mine are - should be stored away from direct light. Popping them into a rosary pouch is one way to easily take care of that!

I will choose the exact material I use for each bag from my considerable stash of new & vintage fabrics. You can request a pouch specially for a girl or a boy, or for a man or a woman - or I will choose a bag that goes with the rosary for you.