An Art-Full Start to 2016 January 10, 2016 15:48 1 Comment

Finding inspiration for my new creations each year is a big part of my work, and the start of a New Year is always really enjoyable as I look outwards at the way other artists and craftspeople are expressing their faith through the work of their hands.

There are so many talented people - I could lose myself for hours immersed in the art of people who will probably never know how much joy and inspiration they have given to me.

Let me share some of the clever artisan's work I have found on Etsy - the best place online to find art and crafts in one place handmade by folk who make their living through their own work.

This year I am really feeling a pull toward folk art and rustic icons as inspiration for my work - so expect to see these influences in my shop later this year (possibly the result of reading the parables again, and how they relate to the everyday lives of people of the time).

For now, I hope you enjoy this selection of beautiful images of faith from the folk art painters on Etsy as much as I have. Click on any of the images to see more work by each artist.

Mother and Child Folk Art        Fraktur painting    God's Hand and the Holy Spirit

Folk Art Saint Michael    Folk Art Mother's Love     Saint Gertrude Folk Art

Holy Family Folk Art    Folk Art Black Madonna

Virgin Mary, Immaculate Heart       Angel Folk Art       Mexican Folk Art

May your 2016 be blessed in all areas.