Mother's Prayer & Saint Monica January 22, 2022 15:00

I have been thinking about praying mothers lately, and all the mothers right around the world who are praying for their children right at this very minute. There must be a great number of them every minute of every day, because praying for your children is such a natural urge and at times the only thing a mother can do to help her child.

Mothers prayers

As a mother of three sons, I know I started prayer for my children before they were even born! Now they are all young adults, I pray for them all the more as they move into taking on the cares & responsibilities of adulthood.

Which led me to thinking about another mother who knew her fair share of despair over the path in life her son chose to take. Her answer to her sorrow was prayer, and her prayers were answered.

For mothers who are anxious or afraid for their children, Saint Monica's story offers hope and comfort. With these thoughts in my mind and holding my children and all the other children whose mother's are praying for them in my heart, I created a chaplet of Saint Monica. I love the prayers that come with this traditional chaplet, so will include a printed card with your purchase.

This mother had a son who was gifted and had a bright future ahead of him. He left home to study, moving away from his Christian mother for the first time. Soon he falls into a bad crowd, causing his mother great concern & grief as he turned to a life of reckless living and vice.

He forgets the faith he had as a child, and moves in to live with a woman with whom he has a child - this poor mother hardly knows anything about her grandchild.  Finally, her son drifts into a strange cult and his chosen path tears his family apart - his mother cries as she prays for his return to the safety of his loving family and comfort of his old faith.


32 years Monica prayed for her son, who we know today as the great Saint Augustine! And her prayers were answered in a way that satisfied her mother's heart to overflowing & brought great benefit to people of faith everywhere.

Today Saint Monica's patronages include married women (she herself was a widow), and she is a role model for Christian motherhood.

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