New chaplet bracelets coming soon! February 16, 2015 19:49

In a busy life, moments for quiet contemplative prayer are precious ... and having a small set of prayer beads handy gives a focus to shorter prayer times. That's where my new range of chaplet prayer bracelets comes in!

I've always made traditional rosary bracelets, which are a one-decade rosary for the wrist. Rosary bracelets are a very traditional piece of Catholic jewellery, and are often chosen as gifts for the special occasions in a Catholic's life. The traditional rosary bracelet often has charms or medals ... symbols of the event or occasion for which they are given, or reminders of special people in the wearer's life.

I've taken this idea a step further and created a new range of chaplet prayer bracelets which will allow the wearer to carry a wee chaplet with them as a lovely item of jewellery - faith and fashion can go together very well indeed! A chaplet is a small set of rosary prayer beads which are often dedicated to an inspirational saint and used for special focus in prayer, such as intercessory prayer.

My new range will feature beads in the same layout that you find in the traditional chaplets for saints and for the Virgin Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus. On your wrist they are a fashionable statement of faith, and for the purposes of prayer they can be used in the same way as any chaplet. A pamphlet will be included with every bracelet with the traditional prayers.  You'll find them in the Chaplet Bracelets collection in my shop - and I am always happy to make custom bracelets if you have something special in mind.