About Memento Mori June 26, 2022 12:25

Memento Mori are a traditional addition to a rosary or chaplet, intended for the living as a reminder of the brevity of life. Many saints like St Gerard Majella & St Aloysuis Gonzaga kept one close at all times to remind them that every day is important as which will be our last day is unknown.

The use of symbolic skulls in rosaries & chaplets dates all the way back to the late middle ages (1050 - 1500). They were particularly popular in Italy, Germany, and Mexico with priests, nuns, and monks.  

Skulls on rosaries have been used for hundreds of years, and historical art and doctrine supports the use of skulls in the rosary. Today, Memento Mori are becoming popular again in rosaries, jewellery and decor items. A rosary or jewellery item including Memento Mori can be found ghoulish by some, but they have earned their place in the rich history of symbols of devotion.

Memento mori for sale


Memento Mori often are skulls or death’s-heads; antique ones are sometimes double-sided with a face on one side and a skull on the other.

Often made from carved bone, wood or ivory, they are also seen formed in crystal & precious metals, especially when used in religious jewelry. Memento Mori were sometimes a sign of the owners wealth and status in society. Some memento mori are very elaborate, true works of art.

Crystal skulls were very popular in earlier centuries, & an educated European might place an actual skull on a desk or side-table.

Memento Mori are not as popular today as in previous centuries, when they were commonly seen on tombstones and in graveyards. Their purpose was to help keep the living on the straight & narrow for fear of heavenly judgment. Today, as life seems to become faster than ever, Memento Mori are a visual reminder to take time out to center ourselves in a peaceful & God-centered way, one day at a time.

A prayer was usually said when contemplating a Memento Mori reminder, in thanksgiving for life, such as these examples:

Thank you God
I dwell upon the goodness in my life.
Thank you Lord
I cherish in my heart Your gift to me.
Thank you God
I notice the blessings of life, breath, loving and sharing.
I am grateful.


Lord, thank you for walking with us through the seasons of our lives;
For the winter, when we are held safe in Your arms through the darkness;
For the hope of spring, as we are filled with renewed hope & life;
For summer time, full of warmth & color;
And for autumn days, as leaves fall to seed new growth.
You are with us always.


 Memento Mori Collection

A Rosary Pouch for My Handmade Rosaries January 23, 2022 07:00

I make rosary pouches to go with all my full-size rosaries. There are many things happening in my workroom to make sure the pieces you buy from me are "special" and meaningful for you.

Mother's Prayer & Saint Monica January 22, 2022 15:00

I have been thinking about praying mothers lately, and all the mothers right around the world who are praying for their children right at this very minute. There must be a great number of them every minute of every day, because praying for your children is such a natural urge and at times the only thing a mother can do to help her child.

Mothers prayers

As a mother of three sons, I know I started prayer for my children before they were even born! Now they are all young adults, I pray for them all the more as they move into taking on the cares & responsibilities of adulthood.

Which led me to thinking about another mother who knew her fair share of despair over the path in life her son chose to take. Her answer to her sorrow was prayer, and her prayers were answered.

For mothers who are anxious or afraid for their children, Saint Monica's story offers hope and comfort. With these thoughts in my mind and holding my children and all the other children whose mother's are praying for them in my heart, I created a chaplet of Saint Monica. I love the prayers that come with this traditional chaplet, so will include a printed card with your purchase.

This mother had a son who was gifted and had a bright future ahead of him. He left home to study, moving away from his Christian mother for the first time. Soon he falls into a bad crowd, causing his mother great concern & grief as he turned to a life of reckless living and vice.

He forgets the faith he had as a child, and moves in to live with a woman with whom he has a child - this poor mother hardly knows anything about her grandchild.  Finally, her son drifts into a strange cult and his chosen path tears his family apart - his mother cries as she prays for his return to the safety of his loving family and comfort of his old faith.


32 years Monica prayed for her son, who we know today as the great Saint Augustine! And her prayers were answered in a way that satisfied her mother's heart to overflowing & brought great benefit to people of faith everywhere.

Today Saint Monica's patronages include married women (she herself was a widow), and she is a role model for Christian motherhood.

You can see more of my work that includes Saint Monica by clicking this link: Saint Monica Collection


Symbols of the 12 Apostles February 5, 2019 17:08 2 Comments

Did you know that each of the 12 Apostles has their own symbol? Sort of like a coat of arms or a family crest, these symbols have meanings that tell a small part of each Saint's story. These serve as a visual reminder to us of their faith.

Renaissance Women Wore Paternosters January 18, 2019 13:18

At times when the Church frowned on excessive displays of wealth, the paternoster could be highly decorative so long as it was also functional. In this way, people were able to continue showing each other what they were worth!

Medieval Paternoster Revival January 17, 2019 09:58

The years between 500AD and 1450AD are referred to as the medieval era. During this time, particularly in Europe, using strings of beads to count prayers was a very common practice in all levels of society.

Medieval style paternoster
   Paternosters were made in a
   straight line (linear) style, or in
   a closed circlet (loop) style.
   Here's a closed loop paternoster
   from my new collection, based
   medieval designs.
   Made with large agate beads &
   forged metal pieces.




Prayers were recited in Latin back then, and the prayer most often used was the Lord's prayer, starting with the words "Our Father" ... in Latin that is "Pater Noster", and so the prayer beads themselves became known as paternosters.

“Medieval rosaries were frequently made from bone beads. The [above picture shows] the making of wooden or bone paternoster beads: The beads were drilled from cheap animal bones. Many leftovers of the bone bead production were found in Konstanz.”

    Here a Medieval monk makes
    rosary beads from bone or
    wood. Precious metals and
    beads were used too.

    Medieval rosaries were strung
    on a variety of materials
    including silk, wool, linen
    &hemp. Linking beads with
    metal wire became popular in
    the following period, the




My new collection features paternosters and rosaries based on the designs and examples of middle age prayer beads that still exist today, mainly in museums around the world.

The short rosary known as a paternoster is a great prayer aid for today's times, every bit as relevant and convenient as it was centuries ago. A real connection to the history of our shared prayer - and worthy of a revival among modern faithful.

Paternoster handmade prayer beads




    Another paternoster from
    my upcoming collection.
    This one is strung on silk
    polyester cord, and includes
    a thumb ring and tassel.






Medieval rosaries came in a large range of lengths. Strands of nine, ten, fifteen, twenty, thirty-three, sixty-three, seventy-two and one hundred and fifty beads were all used. The short form of the rosary was used with the Our Father prayer, and usually had 9, 10, 15 or 20 beads - a convenient size to carry with you for daily use.




Paternosters - Prayer Beads for Today January 15, 2019 08:57

I am not aiming to reproduce historical rosaries and paternosters, but rather to use modern materials and techniques to bring prayer beads from the past into today's prayer life again.

PRAY ♦ ♦ ♦ For Gifts of the Holy Spirit September 30, 2017 15:54

A chaplet prayer for grace, piety, knowledge,
fortitude, counsel, understanding and wisdom.

Today we might call these gifts by other names -
perhaps serenity, faith, insight, endurance, guidance,
empathy and open-mindedness.


Pray for Gifts of the Spirit

Share the enthusiasm and faith that filled the heart of Saint Alphonsus Liguori - a man who never held back in praying!

So much did he love and trust in the Blessed Virgin and Her son Jesus,
that he wrote books, chaplets and songs so we could all join with him
in our prayers.

This wee chaplet is known as the Chaplet for the Gifts of the Holy Spirit -
an appropriate prayer as we head into the "silly season" and all the marketing
and hype surrounding December and New Year.

I'll include a card of St Alphonsus' prayers with the chaplet.

Peace today and all days.

Gorgeous Gold Letter Beads to Personalize your Purchase! September 10, 2017 14:46

I am so happy to be able to add some really good quality gold letter beads to my range of personalised items!

Gold personalize letter beads

I've been testing these lovely wee gold pewter beads for months to make sure they pass my high quality expectations - and they do! Rosary bracelets for babies and full rosaries for adults as well as children are popular choices for adding a name or initials to.

These new beads are made by Tierracast in America, and are absolutely free of nickle or lead so they are safe for you and your loved ones. Tierracast uses food grade pewter in their beads, which have a durable anti-tarnish gold finish.

So for my customers who love to add that extra layer of meaning to their gift by personalisation, I can now extend the range of products where this is possible to include my gold bracelets and rosaries.
 Personalise your rosary, gold letter beads

All by items that can be personalised can now have either gold or silver - you choose your favorite color.These sweet gold letter beads add to my current possibilities for adding that personal touch, which already includes silver letter beads, letter charms and Swarovski crystal birthstone charm options.

Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or to discuss adding a personalised touch to your purchase.


June 29th - Saints Feast Day for Peter and Paul June 5, 2017 16:14

June 29th every year is the Feast Day for Saint Peter and Saint Paul.

Peter and Paul were martyred in Rome under the Emperor Nero in the year 67.  Peter was crucified head down at his own request. Paul was a Roman citizen and, therefore, could not be crucified according to Roman law and so he was beheaded. The Church unites them in a common celebration on June 29th and gives them identical honor.

Saints Peter and Paul


Thinking about this pair of mighty men always draws me to my workbench, and so with them in mind, I have created this little rosary in their honor. It comes with prayers to use with it, and you can of course substitute your own prayers as well.

Chaplet of Saints Peter & Paul

Chaplet of Saints Peter & Paul

Click on image title to see more details


Relax, enjoy beautiful collections! November 20, 2016 10:14

Polyvore Collection religious art

I recently discovered ... yes, I'm a bit behind the times with these amazing online places to visit!  What a wonderful way to relax with gorgeous collections of goodies from all around the world!

Loving the Catholic themed collections put together by the lovely Teresa Russo from TerryTiles - like the one above and this one here:

Religious Art Collection from Polyvore

Loving the 3 Hail Marys Chaplet in the center of this collection too ...... just happens to be right here in my shop




Past and present - a beautiful combo! August 20, 2016 15:08 2 Comments

Loving combining the beautiful designs found in rosaries from the past with today's materials!

Our Lady of Lourdes Rosary

The Renaissance Era included some really intricate metalwork in rosaries, with beautiful filigree and layers of decoration around the beads, especially the Our Father & Glory Be beads, as well as ornate crosses and crucifixes.
Rosaries were frequently worn as necklaces or at the belt in that period, so rosaries were for display as well as prayer. In some societies a rosary showed the social status of the wearer or the wearer's level of "devoutness" might be shown by the size of the rosary.
Renaissance style rosary
Click on the pictures to see all the images for this rosary.

Let us pray .... July 12, 2016 13:22

“If the only prayer you said was thank you, that would be enough.”
 - Meister Eckhart

Shop door

For men who pray July 4, 2016 10:43

Just adding some new pieces with tons of masculine appeal in the Men's Collection.  Two new pieces today:  a contemporary Sacred Heart chaplet featuring a Saint Benedict cross, and a black onyx and antiqued brass 5 decade rosary.

Sacred Heart Chaplet   &   Black Onyx Rosary

The Sacred Heart chaplet is a traditional "niner" style - ideal for today's busy life-style. The smaller size makes it easy to carry with you, and it uses 3 easily remembered prayers: the Our Father, the Hail Mary and the Glory be to the Father. A prayer card is included.

The handsome black onyx rosary is smooth and cool through the fingers, and is well-made for rugged hands - will last for many years of prayer. The antiqued brass radiant crucifix and Miraculous Medal center give the rosary the look of a treasure from a bygone age.


A Christian Meditation for Christmas November 14, 2015 17:44

Keep Christ in the center of your Christmas festivities with a beautiful Christian meditation written (and sung) for this time of year.  Did you know that the popular Christmas carol, the 12 Days of Christmas, is a message to Christians that tells us about Christ's wonderful Good News to the world? 

The 12 days are the days between Christmas Day and Epiphany (January 6th) when it is said the three Wise Men arrived at the nativity. These 12 days can be said to represent the 12 months of the year, and the message of the Church that Christ is with us always.

According to the Handbook of Catholic Sacramentals by Ann Ball, the famous song about the 12 Days of Christmas was written in England as a catechism song for young Catholics in the days when it was illegal to practice or teach the Catholic faith. It contains hidden meanings intended to help children remember their lessons of faith. Instead of referring to an earthly suitor, the "true love" mentioned in the song really refers to God. The "me" who receives the presents is symbolic of every baptised person.

The partridge in a pear tree is how Jesus is described in the song - like a mother partridge offering her chicks protection from danger under her wings. The other 11 days are related to the Christian message in this way:

A lovely song known by many people, that can serve as a prompt for meditative prayer at Christmas, and a wonderful way to keep Christ right in the center of busy lives at this time of year. I know when this song is in my mind, thoughts of the love of God are in my heart too.

As a meditation, the meaning of this song can be used at any time of year. I have been making Christmas Chaplets this week for this song, so that the meaning of the 12 Days in the song can be used as meditative prayers with a little rosary. You can see them in the Christmas Collection in my shop, along with other Christmas devotional prayer beads (and some Christmas earrings!).

Christmas Chaplet












Good As Gold August 24, 2015 18:48

I just finished a gold pearl baptism rosary and got to thinking about how precious a wee baby is ... and how the color gold means precious too. Gorgeous gold has many layers of meaning. 

In Christian art this color symbolises the sun, divine radiance and revealed truth. In decor and fashion, the colour gold is associated with optimism and positive energy, gold adds richness and warmth to everything with which it is associated.

Here are some of my favourite gold finds for a special baby's Baptism day - enjoy!

Take it from the top!

How cute is this headband?             A crown for a baby prince!


Little feet leave big footprints on your heart!

Hearts of gold!                                     Beautiful booties!


Gifts from godparents & family - timeless treasures. 

Gold Swarovski pearl baptism rosary                          Says it all!





Smile for the camera! May 24, 2015 16:05

I love researching the history of prayer beads down through the ages. I spend a lot of time looking through old pictures and records from the early days of Christianity and earlier times too, looking at how rosaries and religious jewellery have shown the faith of their designers and how they have been chosen and used by centuries of faithful people.

I am always struck by how all early photos show such stern and unsmiling people! Were times so grim back then that the people in the photos - adults and children alike - had nothing to smile about? And how did they get all those babies and young children not to smile for the camera?

I may have found an answer to my question in this extract from an old book I have uncovered, written in the early 1700's, which was a manual on how to "behave like a Christian" ......

“There are some people who raise their upper lip so high… that their teeth are almost entirely visible. This is entirely contradictory to decorum, which forbids you to allow your teeth to be uncovered, since nature gave us lips to conceal them.” – Jean-Baptiste De La Salle, The Rules of Christian Decorum and Civility, 1703





Well ..... there you have it! And to think that I never knew that was what my lips were for!! 


Confirmation - A special time for teens and adults March 12, 2015 14:59

Some milestones in a Catholic's life are so important that many Catholics like to give a gift to the person at the center of the occasion, both to share their faith and also as a lasting reminder that they and the person they gift to are both parts of a wider Catholic Church community. Accepting the Sacrament of Confirmation is one of those special times for Catholic teens and also for adults entering the Church through an RCIA programme in their area. 

Confirmation is the time when Catholics fully join the Roman Catholic Church as adults and embrace the responsibilities and joys of choosing to be Catholic, and builds on the Sacraments of Baptism, Penance and Holy Communion. Through the Sacrament of Confirmation the Holy Spirit is bestowed upon the baptized in order to make them more perfect soldiers of Christ. 

Naturally you will want to choose a gift that is symbolic of this wonderful occasion, and is a personal gift from you to a special person.

Tips for choosing a gift:

* The dove is a common symbol for Confirmation.

The white dove is representative of the Holy Spirit descending upon the Confirmed to more firmly unite them to Christ. Sometimes the dove is inflight, sometimes descending as the Holy Spirit descends on the confirmant, and sometimes the dove holds an olive leaf or branch in its beak as a symbol of the peace that passes all understanding. This symbol perhaps is rooted in the Acts of the Apostles 8:14-17 when Peter and John laid hands on the Samarians and prayed that they would receive the Holy Spirit, as is done in the Confirmation ceremonies of today. Through Confirmation, the gifts of the Holy Spirit are increased and a medal or emblem of the Holy Spirit included as part of a confirmation gift is always appropriate.

* The color red is associated with Confirmation.

Pentecost is also closely related to the Sacrament of Confirmation as it was the day when the Holy Spirit descended upon the Apostles. This is why the color red is associated with Confirmation. The red flames of the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit dove are often included in some way in a confirmation gift, making it a special reminder of this Sacrament. For this reason, gifts in red or with red accents are good choices for this occasion.

* A Patron Saint medal is a popular choice.

Choosing a Confirmation name is a part of being confirmed. Find out what patron saint your Confirmand has chosen and make them a gift of that Saint's medal.  Patron Saint medals come in a variety of styles and are included in rosaries and chaplets as well as being worn in jewellery.  Make their confirmation even more special by giving them the patron saint medal just before the ceremony as something special to wear as they are being confirmed.  Catholics share the belief in the Communion of Saints with many other Christians - the belief where all saints are intimately related in the Body of Christ as a family, and the Confirmand is entering the same family as their patron saint through the Sacrament of Confirmation.

Easter is a popular time for many Catholics to be confirmed. As we draw closer to Easter, I have added some new pieces to my Confirmation Collection for you to consider.

A rosary is a traditional and popular gift for a Confirmand, and is often given by a godparent or family member.  A rosary bracelet is another gift that can be worn as a lasting reminder both of the occasion itself, and of the person gifting it. Catholic saint medals feature in  many rosaries and rosary bracelets, and are also able to be worn as a simple neck chain.

Personalisation options are available for many of the items you see in my shop - please don't hesitate to contact me and ask if any item can be personalised for you if it isn't specially offered in the description.  Including a name or initials is a lovely way of showing extra care and attention in your choice of gift.

Sometimes we can't be present physically at these important ceremonies for the people we love, and so I am always happy to gift wrap your choice and send it directly to the recipient on your behalf with a personal message included. There is no extra cost for this service, you only need to ask and I am happy to be the person in the middle of the pathway from you to your loved one. Whatever your gift choice, it is sure to be treasured for a lifetime.


New chaplet bracelets coming soon! February 16, 2015 19:49

 ... a new range of chaplet prayer bracelets which will allow the wearer to carry a wee chaplet with them as a lovely item of jewellery ...



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